Monday, March 4, 2013

For Your Information

Sometimes I write professionally (I am an English major, after all...) but sometimes I do not.

If I spout off with a load of teenagery babble, please try to remember that I am eighteen and, therefore, entitled to babble at certain points in the day.

(Also because I'm a big nerd like that.)

This blog is about sexual abuse. It will be about recovering and futures. It will be honest and open and sensitive and thoughtful. It will have links and thoughts and articles and letters. It will be worth your while to read. But it also will be a part of me... also known as kind of funny.

The Pied Piper never looked normal, either. (Oh wait. I believe the Pied Piper was the bad one. Ah well.) Basically, if the Pied Piper were good, he would still have dressed the same in his interesting yellow and red outfit.

So I'm the Pied Piper. But a quirky, punk eighteen year old version living in 2013 who is obsessed with her phone and sleeps a lot. I'm also not evil.

Welcome to my thought process. Welcome to the other side.

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